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We can frame just about anything!

Our expert framer has 30 years experience in Picture Framing

and our staff have the knowledge to advise on the options available.

We have all the high quality equipment to enable us to do everything

in-house, from scanning, printing, custom mounting and framing.

Our Framing Wall

It can be difficult to know where to start when picking a frame,

but our choice of over 300 mouldings is a good place start.

We stock a wide range of styles and finishes, all from wood.

At The Gallery, we understand that everyone has different ideas

and tastes, so we have choices to suit all budgets.

Whether it be a simple basic frame to a grand ornate style. 


Custom Mounts

To give you a truly individual piece of framing,

at The Gallery we use a Computerised Mount Cutter.

This advanced piece of equipment, allows us to create

a layout, shape and size that makes the very best of your item.

We have a huge colour range of mounts too and

take the time to try anything you may have in mind. 

Scanning and Printing

We scan and print professional work for Artists and

Photographers but also personal work for our customers.

Our printer enables us to create beautiful Giclee Prints

on various papers and canvas, at almost any size.

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